We Are the Party

  1. Vampires

  2. Wild Side (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark) [feat. Jason Walker]

  3. We Are the Party (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark) [feat. X-Stylez & Two-M]

  4. Tokyo (feat. Euro)

  5. It's Ok (feat. Mihai, Tom-E & Lanfranchi)

  6. Shake Ya Body (feat. Eric Zayne)

  7. Rebound

  8. Where Is Michael Caine

  9. Breaking Light

  10. Break the Silence

  11. Buongiorno Amore (feat. Piero Esteriore)

  12. So High (feat. Gabri Levine)

  13. I Don't Mind (feat. Flo Rida)

  14. Billy the Kid

  15. Fucking Guestlist (feat. Terri B!)

  16. Jaguar

  17. Angel Voice

  18. DJ Pump It Up (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark) [feat. X-Stylez & Two-M]

  19. Trance Friday

  20. Horse Bite

  21. We Are the Party