Kiss from the Past Remixed

  1. September Sun (Mike Shiver pres. M.I.S.H. Remix)

  2. Stay Forever (Nitrous Oxide Remix) [feat. Emma Hewitt]

  3. Coming Light (Pulser Remix)

  4. On the Wire (W&W Remix) [feat. Allure & Christian Burns]

  5. My Everything (Juventa Club Mix)

  6. I Am (Sied Van Riel Remix)

  7. I'm Home (Estiva Remix)

  8. Guilty Pleasures (Julius Beat & Olbaid Remix)

  9. No Goodbyes (Lange Remix) [feat. Emma Hewitt]

  10. Peace (Akira Kayosa Remix)

  11. You Say It'll Be Okay (Daniel Wanrooy & Mark Green Remix)

  12. No Goodbyes (Tom Cloud Remix) [feat. Emma Hewitt]