General Elektriks ©MDD

General Elektriks

Né(e) le : 27/01/1970

Nom de naissance : Hervé Salters

Pays de naissance : France

Genre musical : Electro , Funk , Hip-hop

Back Alley Cuts

Back Alley Cuts

  1. David Lynch Moments
  2. Raid the Radio (Lazy Uprise Mix)
  3. The Battle of Cochabamba (feat Lateef The Truthspeaker)
  4. Show Me Your Hands (Antonionian Remix)
  5. Tomorrow We're Leaving
  6. You Don't Listen (Extended)
  7. Voices (feat. Hindi Zahra) [General Elektriks Remix]
  8. You Better Ask Yourself (General Elektriks Remix)
  9. Down
  10. You're Drifting (Feat. Cyril Aveque)
  11. Rubber Bones
  12. How She Got Away
  13. David Lynch Moments (Blackjoy Remix)
  14. Raid the Radio (Space Agoria Motor Mix)