Sage The Gemini ©MDD

Sage The Gemini

Né(e) le : 20/06/1992

Nom de naissance : Dominic Wynn Woods

Pays de naissance : États-Unis

Genre musical : Rap

Gang Forever

Gang Forever

Gang Forever

  1. Go Crazy (feat. Dave Steezy)
  2. Down For The Click (feat. Mike Dash-E, Dave Steezy)
  3. She Ready
  4. Quit Cattin
  5. All That
  6. Change Your Life (feat. AkaFrank)
  7. Gettin' It
  8. No doubt
  9. They Don't
  10. Right Here (feat. Young Bari, Azure)
  11. Can't Hold Me Down
  12. Bossed Up
  13. Don't Trip
  14. I Don't Know Why
  15. Anita Baker
  16. Little Bit (feat. Kehlani)
  17. Never Goin' Broke (feat. Kehlani)