Sage The Gemini ©MDD

Sage The Gemini

Né(e) le : 20/06/1992

Nom de naissance : Dominic Wynn Woods

Pays de naissance : États-Unis

Genre musical : Rap

Gang Forever

Gang Forever

  1. Go Crazy (feat. Dave Steezy)
  2. Down For The Click (feat. Mike Dash-E, Dave Steezy)
  3. Quit Cattin
  4. All That
  5. Change Your Life (feat. AkaFrank)
  6. They Don't
  7. Right Here (feat. Young Bari, Azure)
  8. Can't Hold Me Down
  9. I Don't Know Why
  10. Anita Baker
  11. Never Goin' Broke (feat. Kehlani)