Michael Mind Presents House Music

  1. Ride Like The Wind (Klaas Dub Mix)

  2. Time Out

  3. Show Me (D.O.N.S. Meets DBN In The Sunshie Remix)

  4. Somewhere Beyond

  5. The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) (Adam Davis Remix)

  6. Avec paroles

    Danz (Devotion)

  7. Work (Riffs & Rays Extended Mix)

  8. Brothers And Sisters (Rewind Remix)

  9. Strings of Tortuga (Instrumental)

  10. Born Slippy (Extended Club Mix)

  11. Avec paroles

    Rising High

  12. Space (Klaas Club Remix)

  13. I See You Watching (Tv Rock Remix)

  14. Love Won't Wait (Michael Mind Remix)

  15. Dance 2007

  16. Without You

  17. The Music (Extended Mix)

  18. Blinded By the Light

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