Here Comes the Fuzz

  1. Intro (Amended Version)

  2. Bluegrass Stain'd (featuring Nappy Roots & Anthony Hamilton (LP Version)

  3. Avec paroles

    Ooh Wee (featuring Ghostface Killah, Nate Dogg, Trife & Saigon) (Amended Version)

  4. High (featuring Aya) (LP Version)

  5. I Suck (featuring Rivers Cuomo) (Amended Version)

  6. Avec paroles

    International Affair (featuring Sean Paul & Tweet) (LP Version)

  7. Diduntdidunt (featuring Saigon) (Amended Version)

  8. On The Run (featuring Mos Def & M.O.P) (Amended Version)

  9. Here Comes The Fuzz (featuring Freeway & Nikka Costa) (LP Version)

  10. Bout To Get Ugly (featuring Rhymefest & Anthony Hamilton) (Amended Version)

  11. She's Got Me (featuring Daniel Merriweather) (LP Version)

  12. Tomorrow (featuring Q-Tip & Debi Nova) (LP Version)

  13. Rashi (Outro) (LP Version)

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