1. Avec paroles

    Survive (feat. Andrew Roachford)

  2. Love Again (feat. Andrew Roachfoard)

  3. Suzy (feat. Mod Martin) [Club Mix]

  4. I Can Fly (feat. Laial Darwich)

  5. Got Damn (feat. Timati)

  6. Love We Got (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn)

  7. We Are Here (feat. Lionel Altevoght & Rudi Schwamborn)

  8. Walk the line

  9. Electric Car (feat. Alyssa Palmer)

  10. One time we lived

  11. Believe In Human (feat. Audrey Valorzi)

  12. World Is Wonderful (feat. Anne-lyse)

  13. It Is Not the End of the World

  14. Earth (feat. Mod Martin)

  15. Harmony Version Mixée

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