Laurent Garnier ©MD

Laurent Garnier

Né(e) le : 01/02/1966

Nom de naissance : Laurent Garnier

Pays de naissance : France

Genre musical : Dance , Electro , French Touch , House , Techno

Tales Of A Kleptomaniac

Tales Of A Kleptomaniac

Tales Of A Kleptomaniac

  1. No Musik, No Life
  2. Freeverse Part 1 With MicFlow
  3. Gnanmankoudji (Horny Monster Mix)
  4. Dealing With The Man
  5. Last Dance @ Yellow
  6. Desirless
  7. Pay TV (Original Version)
  8. Bourre Pif (Avant Bath Time!)
  9. Freeverse Part 2 With Tumi (Stripped To The Bone Mix)
  10. Back To My Roots - Back To My Technodiziak Roots
  11. Food For Thought With Winston McAnuff
  12. From Deep Within
  13. Premier depart (composed for art exhibitions)
  14. Le metal et la mer (composed for art exhibitions)
  15. Visage a la levre (composed for art exhibitions)
  16. Pluie d'etoiles (composed for A. Preljocaj ballet)
  17. Images du chaos (composed for A. Preljocaj ballet)
  18. L'orgie (composed for the MC Pietragalla ballet)
  19. Moment de grace (composed for ?SDF- go home? movie)
  20. L'homme naturel (composed for the MC Pietragalla ballet)
  21. La marquise de Sade (composed for the MC Pietragalla ballet)
  22. Mon amour (unreleased track composed for the Tales of Kleptomaniac album)
  23. Abstraction (composed for art exhibitions)
  24. Impactes physique (composed for the MC Pietragalla ballet)
  25. Breve luciditée (composed for art exhibitions)
  26. A Gerard A. (composed for art exhibitions)
  27. Premier depart (reprise) [composed for art exhibitions]
  28. Destructuration du reel (composed for art exhibitions)
  29. Dernier depart (composed for art exhibitions)