1. So Far Away - Radio Edit

  2. DJ Assad - For Your Eyes (feat. Vincent Brasse)

  3. Club Anthem (feat. Willy William)

  4. La La La (feat. Willy William, DC)

  5. Playground

  6. All Over Again (feat. Greg Parys)

  7. Back to Ibiza (feat. Willy William)

  8. Party Tonite (feat. Nicky B)

  9. Without You (feat. Willy William, Priss)

  10. Shake That Ass (feat. Greg Parys)

  11. Just Dance (feat. DJ Milouz)

  12. As One (feat. Vincent Brasse)

  13. Time to Move (feat. Daniela Galli)

  14. Everybody Clap (feat. Maradja)