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    From UFOs to psychic powers and government cover-ups, history is riddled with unexplained events. You can turn back now or learn the Stuff They Don't Want You To Know ... an audio podcast from iHeartRadio.

    Introducing Season 2: MEDBURG

    samedi 13 juillet - 2min

    Hi Fans! Take a listen to the trailer of season two of SNAFU: MEDBURG with Ed Helms.  About the show: Hosted by Ed Helms, SNAFU is a podcast about history’s greatest screw-ups. In Season 1, Ed digs into a story he can't stop thinking about: Able Archer 83, a 1983 NATO military exercise meant to prepare us for nuclear war that almost mistakenly started one. This story has a colorful cast of characters: from Ronald Reagan, to two treasonous spies, to a dauntless sleuth determined to get to the bottom of what really happened and why nobody knows about it. Ultimately, SNAFU is about nuclear paranoia and political mind games – and how fear and misunderstanding can propel us into disastrous circumstances. Listen here and subscribe to SNAFU with Ed Helms on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts!They don't want you to read our book.: for privacy information.

    The Pentagon's Anti-Vax Program, Part Two: The Conspiracy Goes Global

    vendredi 12 juillet - 44min

    Listener Mail: The Targeted Pricing Conspiracy, Living Underground, Google is Getting Worse

    jeudi 11 juillet - 1h1min

    The Pentagon's Anti-Vax Program, Part One: The Great Game is Dirty

    mercredi 10 juillet - 50min

    CLASSIC: Will the real Shakespeare please stand up?

    mardi 09 juillet - 1h3min

    Strange News: SCOTUS Rules Against Democracy, A Trial Update, Bird Flu and AI vs Emissions

    lundi 08 juillet - 1h3min

    Crop Circles: Fact and Fiction

    vendredi 05 juillet - 1h4min

    Listener Mail: Drones and Insurance, Philly Bombed Civilians, Ozempic Off-label and A Warning about Sandwiches

    jeudi 04 juillet - 58min

    Cryptids of India, Chapter II

    mercredi 03 juillet - 1h3min

    CLASSIC: Third Eye Spies, the CIA and the Quiet Mind with Russell Targ

    mardi 02 juillet - 56min

    Strange News: Julian Assange is "Free," the Pentagon went Anti-Vaxx, Social Media as Cigarettes, Telehealth Busted Peddling ADHD Medication

    lundi 01 juillet - 1h6min

    Project 2025: Should we be concerned?

    vendredi 28 juin - 1h18min

    CLASSIC: The Student Loan Conspiracy

    jeudi 27 juin - 1h4min

    Why Freeports Are A Conspiracy

    mercredi 26 juin - 1h1min

    CLASSIC: What is the Finders cult?

    mardi 25 juin - 1h

    CLASSIC: Cell Phones, 5G & Cancer

    lundi 24 juin - 1h

    The World Is Full of Mysterious Holes

    vendredi 21 juin - 1h9min

    Listener Mail: Real Estate Software, the Superconducting Super Collider, the Two by Twos and Our Poop Joke of the Week

    jeudi 20 juin - 45min

    Supplements, Part Two: Nootropics

    mercredi 19 juin - 1h5min

    CLASSIC: Who Killed Fred Hampton?

    mardi 18 juin - 54min

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