Paroles Don't Give Up

Le - Par .

What if I was wrong
Were you right
You strung me out so long
I won't fight
Our innocence is gone
It's time for moving on
And still I wonder

And when there's something more
Oh. I'll know
I'm not afraid to say
Let go
I'm starting to believe
What if I could be
What if I could

Somebody wait, somebody stay
You won't open up your eyes
Somebody wait, give me a chance
And I'll open up your eyes
Don't give up
Don't give up

And if I saw the world
Through your eyes
I wonder would it end this time
You're never really sure
We've fallen down before
But you'll never be alone


Time has been racing away from me
Where do I stand
I'm scared of us falling
I'll never let go of your hand
My head starts to spin
I'm surrounded by reasons
I don't understand
Once again


The world flies by
I'm standing still
Scared to be alone
I've lost control
I know I'm falling
But I won't give up

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