Paroles Bomb Bomb

Le - Par .

Start the engines
Let's get it started, yeah, yeah..
Here it comes...
About to drop the bombs... drop it!
(Bomb-BOMB, bomb-bomb)
Yeah, we 'bout to drop it on you like this
(Bomb-BOMB, bomb-bomb)
But when we drop it, I know you gon' like this
(Bomb-BOMB, bomb-bomb)
Yeah, Supernatural and
(Bomb-BOMB, bomb-bomb)
Bring it here, bring it here, make it clear, make it clear yeah

[Supernatural] (will)
It's hip-hop, it's real hot (real hot)
The way we control it, it's like Cyclops (Cyclops)
It's all locked (all locked), it don't stop (don't stop)
It's so funky that I keep it in a Ziploc (keep it funky)
It's too ill (too ill), cause we real real (yeah, yeah)
Yo, I hooked up with my little pah ill will (Yo wassup?)
And he rock that (rock that), with a format (format)
Plug it in now I make the go-to-war rap
Where the boys at? Cause they all bore (all bore)
Another point for the B Boyz has been scored (that's right)
I'm a MC (MC), not a fake cat
Yo, I'm quick with the mental nice wit rap
Yo, it's a gift, yeah when I spit (when I spit)
Yo I'm pimpin like Gladys Knight and the Pips
Yo I never slip, cause it's super hot
You could say, yeah, that we got to locked, c'mon

(Bomb-BOMB, bomb-bomb)
Yeah, we drop the bomb baby, here comes the bomb, baby
(Bomb-BOMB, bomb-bomb)
B--O--M--B -- DROP
(Bomb-BOMB, bomb-bomb)
Ye-yeah, we drop the bomb baby, here comes the bomb baby
(Bomb-BOMB, bomb-bomb)
D-R-O-P all them bombs

He wan' go and never stoppin it (stoppin it)
And off of the top right now, yo, he's droppin it
It's like grease in the skillet, yo, I'm poppin it
Fryin it, yo, layin it and poppin it (p-p-p-poppin it)
And if you've never had it before, please try it, kid
Because, once you get it, you'll love it a little bit
And once you, do it a little bit a lot of it
I told you before this the way we droppin it
C'mon fifty bars, I'm a superstar
You can see me on the Ave., in a super car (vroom vroom!)
Yo, I put it down, and I wear a crown
All the people in the city, please gather round
Whether LA (LA), or even New York (New York)
Anywhere I go I live it like a rhyme sport
Off of the top you know that it's ill lettin me rock
Like I told you, it never do stop, c'mon


[Supernatural] (will)
Real nice, on the mic device
Yo I said it once, don't make me say it twice
Yo I said it once, don't make me say it twice
(Aiyyo 'Nats, smooth it out like if you Zima on ice)
Yo it's real ill, and you know that
Every time I do it pah, it's a Kodak
You can say I'm old school, I'm like a throwback
For all the little children out there didn't know that
Oh open up, and let me come on in
Because once I do it, you want me to do again
I told you, you can go just tell a friend (tell a friend)
I'm nice with the freestyle and the pad and pen (pen)
I'ma make my ends (make my ends), I'ma get my cheese (get my cheese)
Never heard lyrics that work quite like these (these)
Stop drop and freeze (freeze), fall to your knees (knees)
Yea, if you think you're beatin me, nigga please~!
Told you before, this is the art of war
I say I swoop down on the party like a preda-tor
Yo, somebody call The Source edi-tor ('tor)
And tell 'em give me mics, give me four, give me more
Oh do it ill, yo we make you bounce
I rock so many microphones I can't even count
Off th,e top of the dome, any place that I go
I've mastered the lyrics and damn I'm tight with the flow, whoa

Lyrics © BMG Rights Management

R. Price, Will Adams