Paroles Human

Le - Par .

There comes a time
When you have to look back
At your life, all the things you know that
You have done, all the things that you've become

It's hard to say, all the reasons that you walk away
Did you think that I was just too strong?
Let me tell you you were wrong

'Cause even though I made it on my own
Sometimes the world is cold standing alone
I'm reaching for a hand that I can hold
'Cause in the end I'm only human
My heart's not made of steal
I'm looking for someone to break my shield
'Cause even superheroes have to feel
And in the end I'm only human

I may stand my ground
But doesn't mean my mind's not spinning 'round
Don't be deceived by who you think I am
There's so much more you just don't understand

Have you seen me cry?
Have you ever really looked into my eyes?
Would you see the world's around me in that high
Did you ever really try?


There's so many signs to me
So don't be fooled by what you see
Underneath all of these lies
I'm human on the inside

I'm only human, I'm only human, I'm only human...


I'm only
I'm only
I'm only
I'm only...Human [Repeat until fade]

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