Paroles Cherish The Moment

Le - Par .

Oh baby cherish the moment

You, you know the kind
That finger pointing criticize
They can see, or read the sign
That life is really bigger than you and I
But if time, all time
We realize
Were gonna find
That we should all

Cherish the moment
Live for today
We wont get lost
Just don't push away
We all love the sun
But we still need the rain
So what good is it to complain
It don't change a thing

In this world
There is a flow
You can feel it if you just let go
And if you want
To feel your heart
It will happen if you just don't try so hard
Break it down
Hear the sound
In your soul
Let it surround
All love and we should just


There is only so much time
So why not enjoy it
Why not enjoy the ride, the ride!

Oh baby cherish the moment

[Chorus: x2]

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