Paroles Ouch

Le - Par .

When I was a kid I skinned my knee
And not one tear came out of me
Decided right then I was just born tough
And nothin' ever gonna ruffle my feathers

High school quarterback, football team
A revved up, fine-tuned, mean-machine
And when I got sacked I'd flash a grin
Saying "What's the matter boys, can't you do any better?"
No pain, no gain; I couldn't get hurt
'Cause I didn't feel a thing
Then one day I saw your face
Now everything's changed

My heart's always hurtin'
My legs are barely workin'
Feels so good to kiss you on the couch
Sweet mama, your daughter's makin' my eyes water
And only one word comes out of my mouth

Ache all over from your tender touch
You say my name, and I get goosebumps
Well, baby, this former man-of-steel is putty in your hands
And I love this feeling
Those eyes, that dress
Cryin' uncle; it's no contest
It's all your fault I fell in love
Now look what you've done

[Chorus x 2]


Oh baby, it hurt's so good

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