Paroles Wine Baby Wine (Album Version)

Le - Par .

[Repeat x2]
Non stop now
Cause we hot yow
Sean da Paul we deh ya, all of deh gal dem just a flock, yow
Non stop yow
Cause we hot now, Sean da Paul we deh ya,
All of deh gal dem just a rock yow

[Chorus:Repeat x2]
Well woman I love it when you tick a tock
When you booty clap
Me say wine ya baby, wine it
Love it when you spin it and roll it, baby control it
Wine ya baby wine it non stop yow!

Cause the man dem a watch tou when you bubble it, bubble it, and dem a
Run come attack you and a trouble it, trouble it
Gal you ever hot you ever ready the vibe you a double it
Gal me haffi make a talk and me haffi come muscle it, gal me
Waan fi see you fling it up, fling it up on me
Waan fi give you the ting, a weh you waan fi give me
Waan fi give you the timing release and squeeze oh baby please

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

See the man a pree you, see the gal dem wanna be you
Woman you gonna lead, you see it
Dem can't match you speed
See di haters dem a bad bad breed
Stand up and chat a gwaan like say dem real but dem counterfeit
Just take a look upon dem pop down physique
Woman you body speak and it ready fi di street

Woman you body speak to me and it ready fi di street
Got to let you know you fresh and elite

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

When you step out, gal a report, report
Dem chat bout the clothes weh you wear out a road
Cause you hot overload,
North, east, west to south
Gal a you set you goals, you know follow old fowl
You know stay like dem deh weh a done out, done out
Gal you set you own standaed, no sell out, no doubt
Gal... Quality time weh me waan fi devote
Gal a you run the route
Mi seh dat out mi mouth

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

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