Paroles Lately (Album Version)

Le - Par .

From weh day, me friend dem ah ask me
If dolly house mash up, mi a seh baby
Things nuh right, right now, you nuh see it
So make we talk

Well I don't know why we must fight
Lately baby things ain't right
I just wanna hold you so tight
Freak you girl until morning light
You wan' know why I drink so much
All these late nights in these clubs
It's cause I miss your tender touch
Baby girl we should be making love

Of lately baby
You and me been moving crazy
But you're my world, my girl
Your love has saved me
No other love, no other girl, no other lady
Could take the place of you, my boo, dog, don't forsake me
Baby girl, don't you know that I'm the one that
Give you my love, just because you caught my heart, you won that
Girl you know that I'm the only one you want pon that
Don't you give away my love, girl


It get so bad, that you and me no longer floss
No watch no flick, no make no flex, so baby what's the cost?
Girl without you in my life, I'd be very lost
Go ahead argue with me, I will make it pass
Girl you know seh we connect, your feelings can't mask
See it write up on your face
You know we must last, we gonna make it
Right now you cannot take it
You callin' me a jerk but baby girl you are my hot sauce


Girl when I think about it
The years that we devoted
Have been the best of my life
I don't know what I'd do without it
Sometimes the liquor may cloud it
But girl no bother doubt it
And if there's still a doubt up ina your brain
Then just de-load it
I tell you baby girl
Upon the search, true love we found it
And up the river of life together
Girl we gonna flood it
You know your Daddy's home
I'm the King, you're the Queen
Pon di throne together we sit
We nah go crowd it


I don't know why we must fight
Lately baby things ain't right
You so tight
Mornin' light

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