Paroles My Lady I

Le - Par .

The lights of my bedroom are still lightening though it's four o'clock in the morning
But I won't sleep I need to tidy up my mind
I hear the sound of a baby's crying that echoes in the empty stairwell
Reminding me the weeping of my heart

I should have written you a song a long time ago, I don't know why it took so long
Now I have to do it before I finally go insane
Cause I feel the present is a waste of time since I can't see your face
You used to be so close, now you're so far

My lady I., will you find the same twinkle in his eyes,
The same shelter you could find in my arms, oh my sweetest I.?

In my dreams I wander through the streets we used to go to on sunday mornings
I see you walking arm in arm with some guy I don't know
I try to call you, you don't hear me, I try to stop you, you can't feel me
Just pass through me, when I wake up I cry

I remember you telling me don't get into such a state but I can't help
I close my eyes, still my mind is wide open
I see you happy I shouldn't care, you're nothing to me, neither is your friend
Yet I wonder why my feelings get so bad

My lady I., do you find the same twinkle in his eyes
The same shelter you could find in my arms oh my sweetest I.?