Paroles Losing You

Le - Par .

I'm walking downtown to a friend's house in a basement
He's feeling trapped and so am I, we'll help each other through the night
These days I've been losing track of space and time and what I am
I've been living in a bunkhouse down by the water

Remember how we used to talk on those nights on your rooftop
You said: gotta give up all the things you love, gotta get up when the morning comes
You hoped one day we would sail away past the fury of the days
You got scared and you went down and the medecine took your pain away

Now the streets are filled with dust and fears
The wind is cold and so are my feet
And all the people look the same to me
When the cars go by I keep shivering
I'm losing you

Now my mind is racing, dawn is breaking,
Charlie said 'it's just a slow day moving into a slow night'
Oh how I wish I could change my mind and throw all my doubts away
Cause if I really don't need you, maybe I can help you out

Walk a block and feel the wine
Keep walking 'till there's no one around
A reflection in a window pane
And a crazy thought again and again
I'm losing you