Paroles Some Men

Le - Par .

Some men search to find their own some men will never
Find someone some men are searching for the people in the
Sky and some men live in space and time some men, some
Will surely die some men live in the past and end some
Men some will only cry everyone but most we watched him
Grow from a little person and as he grew to a bigger
Person he stood above the people all these little people
And everyone below they were just little people some men
Never find a home some men live alone and die everyone
But most will find it in the end a better place and
Things to call their own no we're never gonna change

Never gonna change never gonna change never gonna change
Some men some will fade away some men some will surely
Die everyone but most some men some will never try some
Men live alone in time everyone but most everyone but
Most everyone but most will find it in the end a better
Place and things to call their own everyone but most will
Find it in the end a better place and things to call
Their own we watched him grow to a bigger person and as
He grew to a giant person he stood above the clouds on
All these little people and as we looked above we were
Just little people

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