Paroles Lightning Bolt

Le - Par .

She comes on like a stone
But you don’t know where from she was thrown
Like a burning meteor from miles high
Shes looking for a place to land
She said you got yourself some sand
And whatever you’d reply she took as yes

She comes out the deep?
With her newly planted seeds and soon you’re
Thrown down on your knees and then you’re dead
Then before you know the weeds are all beastly overgrown
With all the wild seeds he sews in your sleeve

You’ve got to know you’ll never let her go
Lightning bolt!
Lightning bolt!
Lightning bolt!

Always something and never nothing
Isn’t that the way we’re taught to be, to be?
Through the worn our pages
In stages when you knew not who to be
Yeah! yeah!
Until the lightning strike sets you free, yeah!

You’ve got to know you’ll never let her go
She is lightning bolt!
Lightning bolt!
Lightning bolt!

The crashing stormy waves are over shoreline everyday
Until the castle on her waves turns to sand
She holds her lovely breast as her birds fall from her nest
Flying towards the great northwest, yeah you were here

And with no repair in sight
There is no god with such might
As you open her world wide with such a view
And your death will soon arrive as she finally decides
That all her problems, they won’t die with you

A-yeah! a-yeah! a-yeah!
Never let her go
She’s a lightning bolt
Never let her go
She’s true

She's rock 'n roll
She's a lightning bolt
Like you

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