Paroles Go to the Floor

Le - Par .

Mama say, Mama san, Mama can you do dis
Talking like you bad is when you just knew dat is
Everytime I come out ya'll be like who dat is
Be more like Ashanti and be unfoolish
You don't really want to break it with me
You wear Dada, I sport the Fendi
My Lamborghini against your Benzi
Dirty diamonds in your ring see mines cling, cling, cling
Ding ding ding ding ding ding da ding ding
I used to get so high they called me Ming Lee
Spiked up my hair don' look like Don King
Hatahs keep on hating 'cause them don't worry we
Dem no worry we or me and Timothy
M.I.S.E. slimed out my body-e-e
Bang bang to the boogie ooh wee
Playah keep on playing watch me do my duty

Go to the floor (now tell me what you want)
Grab me a drink (now what you gon' do)
I came to shake, shake my booty down, down to the beat. Brrah
Stand on the chairs (and dance like who)
Dance like the freaks (and what you came to do)
I came to shake, shake my booty down, like the forty. Brrah

I'm underrated, glad I made it, independent, operated
I neva hesitaded hatahs kept me motivated
Da beat is penetrated, I'll let Timmy regulate it
And we lay dead in the shade to drink a glass of lemonaded
Damn I'm faded, ain't no other way to say it ain't that complicated
Ain't no other chicks gon' neva make me feel invaded
I keep dropping hits like water breaking two centimeters and I'm dialatin'
Radio be patient ooh ssh come on check my translation
From my observation, my fans is real patient
They don't want to hear da lies so stop faking
'Cause you greasy like bacon, keep my stomach aching
If you want to battle let there be no more delayin'
I hope you did some praying cause when I come swayin'
Pop shu pop pop pop yeah!
Sometimes I flow sometime quick
It was on the verge of kissing ass so slick
I'd be on the verge of making hits after hits
It's dat kind of shit dat tell your Mamie don't forget


Everybody, move your body now do it
Here is somethin' that's gonna make you move and groove
Hey DJ keep playing that song all night
On and on and on (on and on and on and on and)
Now is the niggas ova there
Bitches right chea'
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
All night long I hope you all came prepared
It's 5:00 and we ain't goin no where
Aah yeah, oh wee
Now will the guys with cash choose me
Aah yeah, baby
I got a man I ain't seen lately


Lyrics © MASS CONFUSION , Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.