Paroles Remember When (Amended Album Version w/o Mommy Interlude)

Le - Par .

I know I may act stubborn boy
But that don't mean I don't love you boy
Please forgive me for my attitude
When it seems like I'm taking all my shit out on you
I know I never said this here
Lemme make myself loud and clear
I appreciate the way you treat me
I've done a lot of things you still don't hate me

Remember when you caught me cheating (cheating)
You said I stopped your heart from breathing (stopped ya heart)(breathing)
But you loved me so you forgave me (gave me)
When you could of ran out and played me (played me)

Am I a disappointment, to ya baby
Most of the time I'm wrong
Making excuses for the abusive done stepping out on the lawn?
But ya never let me baby, say I'm sorry all the time
Any other guy would be gone but you stay hear right by my side


And the love like this
I can't play no games
'cause its hard to forgive it
But you didn't never complain
Neva rub it in my face, just lemme slide on by
I know every girl- wish she had you as a guy

No no no no no no no
'cause a love like this
Can't play no games
And its hard to forgive I did to you
Lemme slide on by

When I cheated you said you couldn't breathe (said you couldn't breathe)
Now I'm sitting here begging on my knees
Take me back, I'll do anything including please
I didn't mean to burn a bridge third degree
Like fantasia said let yourself be free
The truth be, without me you'll succeed
I'm sorry baby please believe in you and me

Ain't no love better than you
With all the pain I put you through
Without you here what would I do (x2)

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