Paroles ...So Addictive (LP Intro) (featuring Charlene "Tweet" Keys)

Le - Par .

(So Addictive)

I know some of y'all sick of songs y'all be hearing on the radio-
oh (oh!)
So me and Timbaland gon' give that shit you never heard before
(shit you never heard before-oh)
It's like drinking liquor or weed or X whatever does you the best
My beats, are so (so) addictive

see'mon get krunk with me

See if you're ridin down the street
and you're bout to roll that shit up

You don't need drugs or weed

Oh nah you ain't smoking that stank shit up in my car
Get your feet off my dashboard

see'mon get krunk with me

Oh yeah you want to get krunk though?
Well pop this CD in right here and take a hit of me
My album is so, addictive
My album is so addictive
Man bump this ballad shit

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