Paroles I've Changed (Interlude) (featuring Lil' Mo) (LP Version)

Le - Par .

Yes I've changed again, baby
Changed.. changed..
Changed, the games, that I, used to play
Play.. leavin' when I stay

Woo! Ohhh, ooooh, baby
I've changed - I said that I've changed
I said I've changed - the games, ain't the same
They ain't the same

I've changed - the pressure wasn't greatened
On the, other, side...
[Missy + (Mo)]
Aight aight aight Mo chill (cause I know I've changed)
Yo Mo (I know I've changed, baby I swear I'm changed)
Yo Mo chill (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Yo chill, you singin' like you

You singin' like you in church raisin money (I've changed)
For some choir rows or somethin' (I've changed, I've changed)
You changed? I'm bout to change to a new track (ohhh...)

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