Paroles Secret

Le - Par .

When I see you, I see you naked
When you're near me
The tension's hard to bear
Infatuated, no doubt about it

Think there might
Be something in the air
So we got this situation
Let's fall into temptation

Are you with it? Do you wanna hit it?
Baby, if you wanna play it
Then let me hear you say it
Don't repeat it
We gotta keep it secret

If you wanna taste
Don't talk about it
Keep it on the low

Just hush your mouth
Don't scream and shout it
Get into the flow, nobody has to know
No, no, no, no

I wanna touch you, it's so frustrating
Wanna hold you and never let you go
When our eyes meet I'm intoxicated
I can feel my body overflow

Baby, baby
Is there something there for me?
Baby, won't you come and rescue me?
This is something only we should share

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