Paroles Unexpected

Le - Par .

Did you really think you could call the shots
I wouldn't it figure out or connect the dots
In so many lies what's the meaning

Did you really think you could cause me pain
Stepped on the track right in front of the train
Now it's only shame that you're feeling

So unexpected, the tables have turned
I'm laughin' now because my joke is on you
And it's so unexpected that you're getting burned
Now I gets mine 'cause all my pain is removed

So unexpected (unexpected)
Unexpected (unexpected)
Oh oh

I was always a few steps ahead
Now I'm moving on 'cause you've made your bed
And you're surprised that I'm leaving
Oh oh oh

Now you're barely here, hanging on the thread
Wishing I was near, but I'm gone instead
Now you're paying the price, but you're deceiving
And I bet you didn't see it comin'


So unexpected (unexpected)
Unexpected (unexpected)
Oh oh

Now the joke is on you
See it makes you laugh, now it makes you cry
And now you know just what I went through
There's a different path, have to say goodbye

Isn't life so complicated
Look at all the love you wasted
Boy you know you played me like a fool, yes you did
And now it's comin' back on you


So unexpected
So unexpected
Hey oh

So unexpected
I know it don't feel good
But you should've known it would come back on you
Now you know how it feels

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