So, Happy In Paris? By Michael Canitrot

  1. Sound Of Love

  2. Township Funk (Crazy P Remix)

  3. Get It Right

  4. Wonderland (Album Version)

  5. Running Out (Extended)

  6. Signatune (Thomas Bangalter edit)

  7. At Night

  8. Rej

  9. Fingers of Steel

  10. [Who?] Keeps Changing Your Mind (Chocolate Puma Fresh Fruit Vocal Edit)

  11. Feel The Spirit (Samir Maslo Remix)

  12. Inside [Vocal Mix]

  13. Rhythm Is Love [Original Mix]

  14. Dama s Salon [Dub]

  15. Enjoy Music

  16. Desire (Syke'N'Sugarstarr Club Mix)

  17. Miami To Atlanta

  18. Wilder Side [Original Mix]

  19. 3 In The Morning (Ruben Alvarez Remix)

  20. Eclectic Selection mixed by Michael Canitrot

  21. Club Collection mixed by Michael Canitrot