Paroles All Life Long

Le - Par .

Layzie Bone]
Yeah, Mo' Thug


[Chorus: x 2]
All life long
Can we be in this forever?
All life long
(Our love lasts life long)

They say that opposites, attract
And I believe, that ain't nothin' wrong with that
Cause you're the thug that I love and I'm down for mine
I'll be there when you call at the drop of a dime

[Layzie bone]
I never woulda thought that I'd be your kind
You so sexy, you so fine
You play the front and I'll play behind
But lately you always on my mind
You the sun and you like to shine
But I'm here to let you know
I'm the moon and I like to glow
But I be that thug for you fa sho

Will you ride for me?

[Layzie Bone]

Will you die for me?

[Layzie Bone]

Stay tru to me?

[Layzie Bone]
Util my dyin' day
And I'll do anything you want 'cause you my lady, hey

[Chorus: x 2]

[Layzie Bone]
If bein' a thug in love is a crime
They might as well take me to jail
They might as well throw away the key
'Cause livin' with out you was hell
Wear my ring and be my queen
I'm yo king it's like a dream
Funny thing, how life can bring
Together untouchable teams

Nothing or no one
Can take your place (that's right)
With you by my side
Anything, I can face
You keep it tight
And you got my devotion
Just from me, I'm just tellin' you this
Just to go through the motion

[Layzie Bone]
Will you ride for me?