Paroles Temporary Nite

Le - Par .

Earthquake in the making
I'm gonna love you
When you persist with all that shakin'
What you expect me to do
It's more than just the bacon
It's something about yo' insides too
You know I been waitin'
Waiting on the wall for you
So if ever you should question

If I'll spend the night with you
You and me what we gonna do
A temporary night for two
Don't change a lonely afternoon

I been misbehavin'
I been thinking nasty thoughts about you
I'm sorry baby
I enter said I was an angel
Who could be as fine as fine as you
Move that body go ahead
And cast that corporal spell
And if they ask me baby I promise not to tell


Its your style, your soul and
Those personalities
Temporary night
It's not the typical, no bull baby
Want you as a wife
Want you all my life yeah
If ever you should question


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