Paroles Boom

Le - Par .

Juvenile and Mario pimping and we
On deck so stay tune to ya
Programs cause we on next I want to
Women catching the wall
Unless you got that diesea no ass
At all for the hood for the
Club videos whatever I got that
Oldschool,Bently or the
Porch carara profiling with the
Top off wilding looking for a
Dime piece I can not off.

Up in the spot siping on a lil' something feeling like this joint is about to pop off looking
Around trying to spot a lil' something trying to see what somebody talking about and if it's good
I'm going lend my ear tune a lil' bit game all in my ear I think I found a window over here
Home girl is all up in my face like (boom) oh yes indeed all we is a hell of a beat like boom and
We goin' to jam cause I'm like a yet a night.

Hold up it's like boom that's that beat we like better make this party jump (boom)
D.J spin that
Twice we about to tear this club up (boom) ladies you gotta move something (boom)
'Cause the fellas want to see ya shake something like (boom)we got the party goin' crunk if you Don't give a damn gone throw it up now.

No more siting on the wall lil' shorty starting to feel like a stone cold party don't act like
You can't sit wit me everybody in the club getting tipsy ain't this beat on fire Dj spin it back
One more time fill my glass up one more time we goin to start it up right on time like (boom).
Yes in ded all we need is a hell of a beat like boom and we goin to jam cause i'm like a yet a

[Chorus: x 2]

She know about grill and want to see my teeth and if we every bumb heads she want to be my freak
She pulling on me beacause she fill that heat she don't want to go to sleep she fell that meat plus
A lil Jon beat player run that back it's alright if you a lil tipsy and you fall off track I'm
Filling a lil friendly cause I just had me a drink she truking over there i'm about to see what
She thinks

Say oh lets take it to the floor (people let's go) Say yeah do it like you don't care (oh A-town
Down) We goin' to do it all from the windows to the wall let's go let me see ya get low get low
Get low get low Represent yo town (people people) throw up your hood (A-town A-town) Represent yo
Town (Jersey Jersey) throw your hood (Get down now) Represent yo town (L.A Lakers go) Throw up your
Hood (Chicago) Represent yo town (Miami) throw up yo hood (New York)

[Chorus: x 2]

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