Paroles Don't Stop (Funkin' 4 Jamaica)

Le - Par .

Woo woo, ugh hey, do the thing!
Uh oh! uh oh!
Watch yourself, get on the floor, move your feet

There ain't nothing you can do with the man
Except for shake your ass and clap your hands
And bob your head and move your feet
I ain't the type of rapper just to ride a beat
I set the track on fire
I take the roof, the house and let the air out your tires
It's the funk in here
Let Mystikal move you and Mariah sing

Don't stop baby (shake your ass)
It's ecstasy (watch yourself)
Turn me up a little higher
Baby light my fire
Tell me every little thing you wanna do (do the thing)
Baby I'm into you (get on the floor)
Don't stop baby (shake your ass)
It's ecstasy (oh, shake the whole building)
Turn me up a little higher (sing it)
Baby light my fire
Tell me every little thing you want to do
I just want to love you (uh bob your head and move your feet)

Heads up, look out it's 'bout to go down
And what they didn't know about me then, I bet they know now
I'm 'bout to prove my fame
So just get out the way and let me do the thing
It's on tonight
I'm known to be more funky than the garbage truck
Sucker, you can't stop a train
You ain't got no umbrella so get your ass out the rain
You ain't louder than this
I'm like a bowl of gumbo, you ain't hotter than this
I'm what they play in the club
I keep them moving till I leave, that's what your paying me for
You already know what I do
So have my money and my munchies and my cigar too
I'm known for bringing the heat
Ain't nobody cutting up but MC and MC-T

Go head and do a party
Mix that with that dark but don't waste that on my Jordans
Keep laughing till your mouth tired
Go ahead and light something up but take that cigarette outside
Get on the floor
It's another number one debut for sure
Now say it ain't real
And if I ain't a fool why you can't keep still sing

I'm feeling
And I gotta get in the boat (for show)
Jamaican funk that's what it was (feel)
Ooh let it get into you (watch yourself)

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

Mariah Carey, Thomas Fredrich Browne, Thomassina Carrollye Smith, Michael L Tyler, Ernesto David Jr Shaw, Kenneth Ifill