Paroles Rewind

Le - Par .

Stop me if you think I'm going back.
Nothing matters saving over empty sacks.
Given time I'm sure a leak will break.
Second time around is here and I won't take.

Dizzier my sides again I find.
Even with a super feeling left behind.
Neither mean exceptions to the blame.
Can't accept a reason for a rise in fame.

You play the rules that I keep breaking,
Whether you know that I am making.
The times keep me wise.
Give me a rise.

Cheap disguise.
The times keep me wise.
Give me rise.
Cheap disguise.

Digging up a part of me so new.
Couldn't leave a pointer,
Couldn't leave a clue.
Curious the stories I can tell.

Leaving me no option but to run as well.
While you're here I could scream.
It's OK, it's not me.
Empty heads are still awake.
I've tried.

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC