1. What It Seems [Explicit]
  2. Tell You Somethin' [Explicit]
  3. Welcome to the Rage [Explicit]
  4. The Start [Explicit]
  5. Turnt Up (feat. Travis Porter) [Explicit]
  6. Stfu [Explicit]
  7. Like That [Explicit]
  8. Cleveland State of Mind [Explicit]
  9. The Arsonist [Explicit]
  10. Thought I Was Gone, Hello [Explicit]
  11. The Finish [Explicit]
  12. 100 Words and Running [Explicit]
  13. On Fire (Drug Dealer Girl Part II) [Explicit]
  14. Run This Town [Explicit]
  15. Still Get It in Ohio [Explicit]
  16. Ohio (I'm from That) [Explicit]
  17. A Million and One Answers [Explicit]
  18. Hell Yeah [Explicit]
  19. Ltfu (One More Time) [Explicit]
  20. Leave Me Alone [Explicit]
  21. The Pledge [Explicit]
  22. Fantasy (Digiraatii) [Explicit]