Paroles Truck Norris Interlude

Le - Par .

Truck Norris, Chuck Norris
Y'all niggas funny as fuck
Truck Norris, he called the nigga, "Truck"

Man, nigga, you gotta really close your eyes and realize what Chuck Norris even look like, like
That nigga looked just like "Damn"
Before he turned, that nigga looked like Chuck, like (pull up, Truck Norris, hahaha)
Y'all niggas funny as fuck (ayy, Truck Norris was funny but Bruce Norris)
They's, they's, them two gon' come up like (it's gon' be a .gif)
He gon' have that same picture last night that you posted, he gon' be like
That nigga said, "Pull up, Truck Norris", hahaha
Y'all niggas funny, man
Man, I know you gonna be on that
Truck Norris

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Richard Colson Baker, Brandon Allen, Steve Basil, Eric Allen, Chris Malloy Jr.