Paroles Selfocracy

Le - Par .

My mother told me not to go near mirrors
For it seems that one day
A young boy died through looking at himself for too long

People say that they are ravenous
That they hunger for perfect reflections
That their insatiable appetites can even kill

Many are those among us who lose themselves in mirrors
Too many who only live for appearances
Aware that he is not the fairest of all, man is jealous and evil
And aware that he is not the ugliest of all, man is boastful and arrogant

The mirrors distort us, they hatch outsized egos inside us
Selfish. Self-centered
This is what they are reflecting from mankind
Why help someone if his misfortune allows us to advance?

Mother told me not to go near mirrors
Because it would seem that the more we look in them
The more our ears stop listening and our eyes stop seeing
That the world continues to revolve around us
Welcome to Selfocracy


Loic Nottet