Paroles Babel (Scene)

Le - Par .

Okay, so what do you think life was like before the fall?
I mean we've seen pictures of open land as far as the eye can see
And oceans incomprehensible in size that our grandparents would do their best to describe it.
I just can't imagine life anywhere but inside a space station.
I mean the simple concept of a sky doesn't even fully register

We do have fields on the Babel station and also

Yeah, yeah, but that's all synthetic, I mean were heading to this planet right?
That we call "Paradise" because we hope it can sustain life. Why?

Because we'll eventually run out of resources

Exactly! I mean what if we got there and it's exactly as the data predicted
Beautiful, lush, then we destroy it just like we did Earth?
There's only 5 million human beings left in the universe.
I mean it's weird to think about the fact that in 2065
The last footprint was left on Earth before ascending to Babel

Man, what's your point?

The point is, 30 ships have traveled in deep space looking for a planet like this.
Damn near all of them return home without any luck!
Some of them didn't return at all.
I guess my fear isn't that we won't find Paradise: it's that we'll create purgatory