Paroles Sensimilla

Le - Par .

Respect to the rose
And how the holly berry grows
The truth should be exposed 'bout sensimilla
The shade of green I can't believe
The scent of pollen on the tree brings me clarity
It's a thing of beauty

Sending me love
Sending me up

Yougive me some paper for my words
Some herb for my tea
Some clothes to cover me at night
You're medicinal so much, so much, so much more
Than we're allowed to test or try
They'll charge taxes for tobacco
Alcohol as well
They won't put you on the shelves
Where's the sense in that and why
For the healing of the nation
There's just no good explanation for
This pitiful objection
What kind of a reflection down that have
On the intelligence of man I fail to understand

Sending me love
Sending me up

Now are you sitting comfortably
If you'd like to grow your own
Sinsemilla this is what to do

Plant a little seed and grow it
When it get ripe you reap it
Pop it on line and dry it
Chuck it in a fruit bowl and share it
Bake it in a cake and eat it
There's no other plant can beat it
Respect to collie don't joke with
Make a cuppa tea and drink it

Sending me love
Sending me up

Yes I'm a ganja planta
Looking for my ganja farm
Deep down in the earth let me put me ganja
Babylon commin' to get cha

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

Dennis Bovell, Jonathan Shorten, Joscelyn Eve Stoker, Joss Stone, Marlon Asher