Cinderella Liberty [B.O.F.]

  1. Cinderella Liberty: Nice to Be Around
  2. Cinderella Liberty: New Shooter
  3. Cinderella Liberty: Maggie Shoots Pool
  4. Cinderella Liberty: Maggie and Baggs
  5. Cinderella Liberty: Boxing Montage
  6. Cinderella Liberty: Neptuns Bar
  7. Cinderella Liberty: Love Theme
  8. Cinderella Liberty: The Ferry Ride
  9. Monsignor: A Baby Boy Arrives
  10. Cinderella Liberty: Nice to Be Around
  11. The Reivers: The Reivers Overture
  12. The Reivers: Main Title / First Instuction / The Winton Flyer
  13. The Reivers: Family Funeral / Lucius First Drive
  14. The Reivers: The Road to Memphis
  15. The Reivers: Corries Entrance / The Picture
  16. The Reivers: Reflections
  17. The Reivers: The Sheriff Departs / The Bad News / Neds Secret
  18. The Reivers: Memphis
  19. The Reivers: Neds Trade
  20. The Reivers: The People Protest
  21. The Reivers: Prayers at Bedtime
  22. The Reivers: Lucius Runs to Corrie / Back Home
  23. The Reivers: Finale
  24. The Reivers: The Reivers Reprise