Paroles Love Is A Garden

Le - Par .

I'm sitting here lately
Thinking about us maybe
Taking a break was a good thing

'Cause we were just children
Following a feeling
Not knowing love could wither away

But looking back it passed so softly
But common strangers we could not see
Just tired of fighting tired of hanging on

But now that you're gone I can see
That love is a garden if you let it go
It fades away before you know
And love is a garden it needs help to grow
Ours is starving but there's still hope
Come on, baby, and I'll feed ya on kisses
Come on, baby, let's make up for what we've been missing
Come on, baby, baby, come home

Living with each other
Soon we discovered just how tryin' it could be
You'd stay out all night and you'd say I was uptight
And soon we were only fighting

But looking back from this side now
It's hard to imagine wonder how
I thought it was you who was always wrong


Well, tough job, broke car, mean boss,
And our moms all squeeze like weeds they get in the way
Now you're gone and I'm here,
I'm missing you dear,
We took a break what a mistake
What we needed to do was just make some room for me and you.
Cause I can see


Let's throw away our old cell phones
Let's just stay in bed
Let's just stay home
Come on baby, baby come home

I'm sitting here lately
Thinking about us maybe
taking a break was a bad thing