Paroles Hot Like Fire

Le - Par .

You told me that you would always be the only thing that I'd ever need
Telling all friends that they were never good enough to be with me
You want me to stay at home
And like a fool, I did for you
Now I see the game that you played on me

You got out with your friends at night
Like it's alright
Cause you're hot like fire
Other girls call you your cell phone
Baby, you can't help yourself
Cause you're hot like fire
You didn't know she was by best friend, baby
You just played yourself
Cause you're hot like fire
Baby don't try to run your game on me
Cause it's pain to see that you're
Hot like fire
Fire, like fire, like fire

You said you loved me baby
And never will fall apart
You even told me cure that
You've suffered from a broken heart
And mode plans to share a summer romance
A dream for two
Just me and you
Baby now I see what you're really about


[Repeat: x4]
Fire, like fire, like fire

Oh, tell me who'd think I was
Did you think I was your fool?
Maybe you've taken other girls for a ride before
But I got your number
See baby, I can play your game
And you can tell me how it feels
Cause everything you're ever done to me
Can be done right back to you!

Baby you thought you could play me
Thought that you could make a little move and fake me
Baby, I don't need be
Just another quick notch your on your belt, not me
I'll never be a prize on your shelf
You need to run your game on someone else instead of me
Look at you now, poor baby
You're so through
So tell me how it feels
Now that someone is playing you


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