Paroles You Need To Be Here

Le - Par .

I feel the wind rush across my face
Like an invisible wave crashing over me
I started holding my breath the moment I left
Wondering what the day was gonna bring for me

But there is no way that I could ever prepare
For the scope of it all for the chill in the air
The cold of the rain the, the warmth of the day
I'm never gonna be the same

The whole world's racing by
And no words can describe
How this feels inside
You need to be here
You need to be here with me
They come and go so fast
These moments never last
So you need to be here
You need to be here with me

It's something new and beyond every corner is a mystery
'Cause every road that I have taken can never be mistaken
For the one that is now under my feet
And I realize with open eye's
Every second that we have is once in a lifetime
Once in a lifetime


'Cause something is incomplete
Not quite how it should be
And I try and I try just to live in the moment
But everything I do
Just leads me back to you
'Cause there is no thoughts


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