Paroles Add It Up

Le - Par .

Add it up, add it up
See ya homie tatted up
If used to make you mad, it's gon' make you madder
Add it up, add it up
Got the fire back it up
See ya homie swagged up
It's the gangsta grill
These boys be ill
Add it up, add it up
Add it up, add it up

Jumpin' out my Bimmer like a stuntman on a stunt
Though my leather is so soft, I put my top off in the trunk
Baby shakin' gettin' places, say she seen me in my dump
Picked her up in purple 'Vette, deuces on back, twenties on front
Gucci shout at hot tamales, even copped a Masarati
And that Lambi and a Bentley, shout out to my nigga Quic
Shout out to my boy Diego, makin' pesos for them bricks
Gucci Gucci, I'm here truly East Atlanta is the shit
I turn my swag up, I'm swaggered up, yeah Gucci got his swag up
Well think you think you mad now, I'ma make you madder
I'm swagged up, I'm swaggered up, boy I think I'm so swagged up
You mustard boy, so catch it up 'cause I think I'm so swagged up

Back on that dope shit tractor, trailer, boat shit
Cookin' up that coke quick, cookin' up that dope quick
Cookin' up that coca, You can call me Sosa
Rollin up the choca, I need me some mo' bruh
Partna you a puta, Grande mucho mocha
Ask me for a deuce, Fronted you an ocho
Bring me all my pesos, you know my amigo
My plug half Columbian, Gucci Mane's a negro
Smokin' on this gwedo
My girlfriend is bilingual
Ask me to speak English but I'm talkin' with my fingers
Brazilian bitches bathing in a bath tub full of singles snortin' powder, smokin' weed, yes they poppin' pills
M6, drop top Bimmer, shipped from Germany
Outfit from Sicily, my bank account in Switzerland
Literally so icy, the Energy
Gucci Mane's the businessman so tell me what the business be, bitch
Mi casa is colossal, swallow water with a bottle hallow
Shout out to my boy Rocco, I ball like no tomorrow
And my watch is real retarded, so I call it Lil Darryl
Shoot you point blank in your head, just like 'caine cousin Harold
Gansta Grillz, you bastards, shout out to Drama
The feds try get I'ma look and say your honor "I'm guilty"
Get money, make money, I'm filthy
Dog, do you feel me, dog, do you feel me
Cocaine lately sellin' good and my city set
Gucci got a bitch for every letter in the alphabet

If you listenin' to this it's the movie
It's Gangsta Grillz and iceman Gucci
Pull the cars out turn the sound up
Clear the bars out for a gangsta