Paroles Brick Mason

Le - Par .

(I ain't really finna tell y'all how to get away with murder and shit)

They call me Gucci Robert Kraft, I just picked Brady out the draft
I'm tall dark and handsome plus my stash is on giraffe (goddamn)
The black Mark Cuban, I'm in the shark tank with the Mavs
I go Danny Ainge for math, just might trade him to the Cavs (wow)
Glacier coupe two-door (two-door)
Pull up, make the doors do judo (woo)
Big booty nympho (hah)
No wasit, hips on hippo
Amazon rhino
Crocodile Birkin albino
Bad bitch, I wanna sign her
I'm lookin' but still can't find her
I done got it in with the Haitians
I done went to war with Jamaicans
The money left body in basements
I can cook brick like a mason
Dead fresh, jumpin' out the coffin
Big boss, meetin' at the office
Lil' nigga lost in the sauce
Hood nigga but I'm dressin' like a golfer
Pull up to The Cheetah on a date
Park at the front, it's spaceship (skrrt)
Cold shoulder, bitch, it's like a glacier (burr)
Manicure, pedicure, facial
Mob hit all of them stages
I'ma put a hater in a paper
I don't pay attention to a hater
I just pay attention to the paper, Wop

I can cook brick like a mason
I just pay attention to the paper
I can cook brick like a mason
(I can cook brick like a mason)

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Radric Davis, Shane Lindstrom