Brick Factory Volume II

  1. Ball Out (ft. OGD) [Explicit]
  2. Excuse Me (ft. MPA Wicced & MPA Duke) [Explicit]
  3. Long Way (ft. Peewee Longway & Young Gleesh) [Explicit]
  4. Nuthin To Say (ft. Jose Guapo) [Explicit]
  5. On the Way (ft. Young Thug & MPA Duke) [Explicit]
  6. Sumn (ft. Young Fresh) [Explicit]
  7. Us Fuck Them (ft. OJ Da Juiceman) [Explicit]
  8. Bad Habits (ft. Peewee Longway) [Explicit]
  9. Cant Be Your Man (ft. MPA Wicced, DK & Young Thug) [Explicit]
  10. Catch A Box [Explicit]
  11. Down & Out (ft. Kesha & Peewee Longway) [Explicit]
  12. Every Night (ft. MPA Duke & Jose Guapo) [Explicit]
  13. Everybody Know (ft. OG Boo Dirty & Young Fresh) [Explicit]
  14. Hell U Talking Bout (ft.Young Thug, Peewee Longway & Takeoff) [Explicit]
  15. Standing On Stage (ft. Ola Playa & Young Thug) [Explicit]
  16. Stay Down (ft. Rocko) [Explicit]
  17. Take My Life (ft. Quavo [of Migos]) [Explicit]
  18. Weekend Boyfriend (ft. Waka Flocka) [Explicit]
  19. Whole Lot of It (ft. Young Fresh) [Explicit]
  20. Da Gun (ft. Cash Out & Waka Flocka) [Explicit]
  21. Home Alone (ft. Cashout, Young Thug & Peewee Longway) [Explicit]
  22. Laundry Mat (ft. Waka Flocka) [Explicit]
  23. Don't Wanna Be Right (ft. Young Fresh & Young Scooter) [Explicit]
  24. Replay [Explicit]