Paroles Tribute To The Breakdancer feat. MC Supernatural

Le - Par .

Be-boys rock the world
Be-girls they don't stop
So listen to supernat as I bust through the track
Imma give you some real hip hop
We gonna talk about the muscles of the dance
The ones that put you in a trance
Get up on the dance floor and give you more
Tell you what they're so advanced

'cause you never seen styles like these
Even got be-boys on the siege
They bring the crowd straight to they knees
Warriors, dance floors under siege
All you need is agility and a little speed
Be-boys now shoot for their own league
Supernat this is another heat rock
Kill em with flash on the beatbox

hey, he's got a real flow
Get on the dance floor
Bust into bronco
Hey, you gotta do a little footwork
This is for the real be-boy network
Yeah put your mind at ease
You got to be flossy when you freeze
Do power moves and make em so nice
Make sure that every float is precise
Hey, from hand skills to windmills
6 steps they got a real rep
Hey, this is the cat called the supernat
And if I could I would try to do a hollowback
Or scorpion, a headspin, a halo
Yeah, for all the cats out there who don't know
And get on the mic if you wanna try me
Kill em with a 1990

party people get funky funky
Said the hip hop don't stop
It's supernat on the track
Listen right now we'll bring that back
To the days of old when crazy legs was on the dance floor
Way that he rocked he would give them much more
Mr wiggles and mr wave
To be a be-boy, yo you must be brave
Rest in peace mr frosty freeze
I hope in heaven that you're so at ease
Hey do it for rock steady
The way that you did it you were so committed
New york city breakers they were so live
L.a. breakers changed the whole vibe
Air force crew took it to another level
Supernat a hip hop rebel