Paroles California And The Slipping Of The Sun

Le - Par .

If you have any checked bags
They will be brought to the front of the station
To get to the front,
Walk down to the south end of the platform
And cross at the crosswalk.
That'll put you right in front of the depot.
Look for a sign that says 'Baggage Claim.'
You should have your bag check handy to show the clerk.
Give them a few minutes to get your bags to the front.
If anyone is in need of a ride to the front of the station
Red Cap service will be provided on the platform.
We do have one group that is going to go first.
If you do need Red Cap service to arrive at the front
They will come back and pick you up on the platform
And take you to the front of the station.
Taxi cabs are located on the center boulevard in front of the depot

Oh, ocean, now I come again before you
Rode along with you
In the slipping of the sun

Sun on dreamers
Repeat the faithful once again
Like water off the mountains, and
It's the slipping of the sun

Money is blank
Three days to go
This autumn begins to focus
North claims the imperial throne totem
Trees, lakes

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