Endless Summer

  1. The Endless Summer (feat. Erika Flowers) [Explicit]
  2. Hang Ten [Explicit]
  3. Outta Pocket RMX (feat. Sonny Shotz, Skizzy Mars, Chippy, Aquaforce) [Explicit]
  4. Reefer Madness [Explicit]
  5. Make-Up Sex [Explicit]
  6. Well Known (feat. Kam Royal) [Explicit]
  7. All I Could Do (feat. Skizzy Mars, Devon Baldwin) [Explicit]
  8. Waspy [Explicit]
  9. Acting Up (feat. Devon Baldwin) [Explicit]
  10. Run (feat. Team Robot) [Explicit]
  11. Candy Girl (feat. Greg Banks) [Explicit]
  12. Alone [Explicit]
  13. Never Listen to Adults [Explicit]
  14. Grown Up Life [Explicit]
  15. Coming Home (feat. Bryce Vine) [Explicit]
  16. Zombie Land (feat. Circa 87) [Explicit]
  17. This Is Me [Explicit]
  18. Big [Explicit]
  19. My Life is a Party (feat. Circa 87) [Explicit]
  20. Intro (Roundz) (feat. Lino) [Explicit]
  21. Nike Head (feat. Lino, Amo) [Explicit]
  22. Best I Ever Had (Yo Pussy Da Best) [Remix] [feat. Lino] [Explicit]
  23. Freshaholic (feat. Cypher) [Explicit]
  24. Pulled Up (feat. Lino) [Explicit]
  25. Freaks (feat. G-Boy) [Explicit]
  26. Low Key [Explicit]
  27. White Tee (feat. AB of Tha Slap Doctorz) [Explicit]
  28. Pick Up The Pieces (Feat. Push, Jasmine Blue) [Explicit]
  29. Sweet Sensation (feat. Marc Payne, Gem) [Explicit]
  30. Just Believe [Explicit]
  31. I Be in the Lab [Explicit]
  32. I Go (feat. Concept) [Explicit]
  33. Dollarz & Dreamz [Explicit]
  34. One Girl (feat. Rantz, Blair Taylor) [Explicit]
  35. Pampers (feat. Slap Doctorz) [Explicit]
  36. Stanky Leg (Remix) [Explicit]
  37. Take It to the Rack (feat. 3rd Shift) [Explicit]
  38. Top of the Game (feat. Slap Doctorz) [Explicit]
  39. Unstoppable (feat. Man-Man, Charlie Dimes) [Explicit]
  40. Watchu Hollarin Bout (feat. Marc Payne) [Explicit]
  41. Wishful Thinking [Explicit]
  42. Swagger Like Mine (feat. Lino, DJ Carnage) [Explicit]