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French Montana

Né(e) le : 09/11/1984

Nom de naissance : Karim Kharbouch

Pays de naissance : États-Unis

Genre musical : Rap , Gangsta rap , Hip-hop

The Laundry Man

The Laundry Man

The Laundry Man

  1. Roll a Philli
  2. So Special
  3. Business (feat. Max B)
  4. Roll on 'Em (feat. Arizona Slim)
  5. It Cost to be the Boss
  6. Friends (feat. Max B)
  7. Find me a Freak (feat. Paul Wall)
  8. Battlefield (feat. Max B)
  9. Already
  10. Do for Drugs (feat. Max B)
  11. What I Do (feat. Max B)[Remix]
  12. Why So Serious?
  13. We Hustle
  14. Don't Worry About It
  15. Shawty Baby
  16. We Got Nothing To Lose (feat. Akon)
  17. New Ni**a Now
  18. We Renegades
  19. City Of Dreams (feat. Cassidy, AR-AB