Paroles Colours

Le - Par .

All the colours and the flavours,
the melodies and sounds
that became my world when I was
with you, and everything was
brighter, sweeter
stronger and deeper
than I had ever known

Now I'm lying here alone,
can hardly get myself out of this bed
and it's grey outside my window
but it's greyer in my head.
And all the colours and the flavours
the melodies and sounds
are mixed up in my gut
and churning round and round

And I can't bear to lose you
I feel like I'm gonna turn to stone, but
if we lose ourselves, we will
always be alone
and that's a high price, baby
I don't think we can afford to pay

All my heart and my body,
my mind and my soul;
I kept nothing for myself,
I gave it to you.
And I want it back,
it's of no use to you,
but it is of use to me.
That's why I need to take it back